CM series

The CM incorporator for black soil is designed to incorporate slurry in stubble field or plough-land and is available in 6 and 7.5m working width.

It is built in profiled high-strength steel and supplied with two rows of harrow teeth. It can incorporate the slurry down to a depth of 15cm and has a roller which makes the soil ready for sowing without further treatment.

The incorporation of slurry in black soil such as stubble and ploughed fields is not only the method that provides the best use of the manurial value of the slurry, but it is also the most neighbour-friendly method.

The CM incorporator for black soil is available in 6m and 7.5m working width and delivered with vertical distributor and a crumbler roller. The incorporator is available with a hydraulic gate valve for the stone trap on the vertical distributor and track loosener (extra equipment).

CM 6 CM 7,5