January 2018 - EASTERN new SAMSON dealer in England

The two partners look forward to the future cooperation offering new and exciting possibilities for the English customers. Come and meet them on Lamma stand number R70

“We are delighted to be able to offer what we consider to be the best range available in machinery for muck and slurry application. We believe they will complement both the CLAAS and LEMKEN ranges, appealing to professional users”, says Richard Sharman, SAMSON Product Specialist, EASTERN.

“The SAMSON machines also offer the same level of engineering, support and development. The wide range of SAMSON machines and technology aimed specifically at the professional muck and slurry application market, offer outstanding performance and savings to the contractor and his customer”. 

Making the SAMSON range available through a specialist dealer network like EASTERN gives the users valuable local access to specialist knowledge and after-sales service in the Eastern part of England.

“Whether slurry is produced from livestock or other sources such as an AD plant, it is essential that machinery used for transport and application is reliable and efficient”.

“But come and see the machines for yourself on the SAMSON AGRO stand (R70) on Lamma 17.-18. January. Salesmen from EASTERN will be present on the stand. But please also follow SAMSON AGRO and EASTERN on Facebook to find out more about the full range, operator savings and new developments due in 2018”, Richard Sharman says.

Closer to the English customers

The UK Sales manager, Svend Skov Olesen from SAMSON AGRO, will also be present on the stand. He is the man behind the currently expanding network of SAMSON dealers in England. SAMSON AGRO want to increase the focus on the English market and get closer to the customers again.

“I am very happy for our new cooperation with EASTERN covering the east of England. It is a super professional organization, that will have no problems in handling the sale, service and spare parts sale in this part of England”, Svend Skov Olesen says and continues:

“We also want to know what type of machines and technical solutions the English market demand, and how the SAMSON machinery can fulfill these needs – also in the future. SAMSON are here to stay, and to help the contractors and their customers to optimize the nutrients in the organic fertilizers”, he states.

“Due to the increasing levels of legislation, we experience, that our customers are interested in utilizing the organic fertilizers better. Plus, there is a general trend away from artificial NPK and trace elements. So, by adding the SAMSON AGRO range of machines to our portfolio, EASTERN have taken a new and exciting route that will increase our customers utilization of the organic fertilizers and hereby their turnover, since they can reduce the purchase of artificial fertilizers”, Richard Sharman concludes.

Further questions:

Richard Sharman, EASTERN, SAMSON Product specialist, tel. 07974 231058, r.sharman@claas-eastern.co.uk
Svend Skov Olesen, Sales Manager, SAMSON AGRO, tel. 0045 2127 5379, sso@samson-agro.com


Two employees from each of the 7 EASTERN outlets are devoted SAMSON machinery and have newly visited the SAMSON factory in Denmark and started their training in these specialized slurry and muck machines. They will continuously be trained to keep up with the technology.