A new standard in slurry application

Maximum flexibility, application accuracy and comfort

SAMSON PG II Genesis is setting a new standard for the application of natural fertilizers.

The extended implement carrying properties of the machine give you the freedom to select the implement that best suits the specific task.

Application is intelligently controlled with SlurryMaster 8000 which, in combination with the model’s robust high capacity pump and built-in flow control system, ensures efficient and accurate dosing and placement of the slurry to benefit the crop, the farmer’s yield and our shared environment.

Transmission of the SAMSON slurry tanker’s hydraulic functionality creates a machine with maximum flexibility, application accuracy and comfort.

In addition, the model is designed for the largest possible low pressure tyres and for optimal utilisation of automatic wheel drive and tyre pressure solutions to actively protect the crop and soil fertility.

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For efficient and accurate slurry application

For efficient and accurate slurry application

SAMSON PG II Genesis is designed for efficient and accurate slurry application. The machine features technologies and properties that are setting a new standard for the application of natural fertilizers.

  • Designed for efficient operation with high capacity and precision
  • Extended implement carrying properties that allow the use of a versatile implement program, including SAMSON injectors and booms
  • Upgraded hydraulic platform for greater flexibility and precision in application tasks
  • Robust unloading pump with a performance of up to 15,000 litres per minute
  • Integrated SAMSON flow control system ensures a very exact slurry dosage, whether driving up or down hill
  • Mixing function in the slurry tanker that ensures a homogeneous content of nutrients in the slurry
  • The SlurryMaster 8000 control system provides full control of the machine and its functions. The control, which is compatible with ISOBUS section control and variable application, ensures uniform application and optimises the utilisation of nutrients in the material
  • Integrated SAMSON ejector vacuum pump system
  • Can be combined with a wide range of filling systems
  • Sectional tank that creates high weight transfer to the tractor regardless of the volume of slurry in the tank
  • Large and wide low pressure tyres for optimal distribution of pressure on the soil
  • Delivery option with SAMSON HPD or HWD wheel drive
  • Easy to pull in both hilly and wet soil conditions

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