Strip-Till 8


SAMSON Strip-Till's workflow is functional and extremely precise. The slurry is placed in two lines: approx. 30 % in an upper and approx. 70 % in a lower slurry line.

The width of the tillage area is 25-30 cm, the working depth 20-30 cm, and 75 cm between rows is standard, but can be adjusted. The distance between crop and slurry is approx. 5-7 cm. The precise placing of slurry using the SAMSON Strip-Till ensures high utilisation of nutrients in the slurry throughout the growing season.

The Strip-Till’s front drum with the disc first cuts a groove. The two cleaning wheels efficiently remove any plant material in the tillage area and the unique parabolic disc stand lifts up the soil and creates a V-shaped opening in the soil with sufficient space for the slurry. The slurry nozzles place the slurry in two lines. The disc then levels and closes the soil surface again and the packing wheels leave
behind a fine surface.

The precise placing of slurry with the new SAMSON Strip-Till not only reduces the amount of starter fertilizer, it also gives you an efficient tool that complies with new phosphorus rules and maintains a high yield.

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