RV 150


RV 150 is SAMSON’s fully hydraulic mixers for demanding applications. It is ideal for use in slurry storages of any size.

RV 150 can mix slurry in both surface and underground slurry storages. The flexible mixing arm easily extends over high walls up to 3 m and down into underground slurry storages, lagoons, etc.

The mixers can be swung 35 degrees to each side (a total of 70 degrees) via the turning function. The inner arm and outer arm can be adjusted hydraulically up and down, which means that agitator positions are unlimited. Tasks in covered slurry storage tanks can also be handled with ease.

RV 150 is extremely stable and can be kept level in all conditions, as the single support leg can be adjusted hydraulically.

The agitator is designed for a 150 HP tractor, so even a relatively small tractor can handle large slurry storages.

The very compact transport position is achieved quickly and easily, and the mixer has its own fully hydraulic system.

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