US 235

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SAMSON US 235 is a 2 axle universal spreader with a standard capacity of 35 m3. Even with this large volume, the loading height is only down to 3.29 meters.

The US offers the widest box on the market, so it can achieve the greatest possible volume without compromising on loading height and wheel diameter. The low loading height combined with a wide box makes US incredibly easy to load.

The box of US 235 ist equipped with hydraulic side extensions of 76 cm, which makes it
incredibly easy to load.

Box, triangle and beaters are made of high strength steel for a low net weight and long lifetime.

The SpreadMaster 8500 control system provides full control of the machine and its functions. It ensures even dosing and provides optimal utilization of nutrients in the material. When the control system is combined with load cells, dosage will be extremely accurate and provide even better utilization of the nutrients in the material.

US Brochure (pdf)

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