SAMSON 75: BOSSYBAT SA contractor / Switzerland

Over the last 20 years, agricultural contractor Joël BOSSY from BOSSYBAT SA in Switzerland has invested in 15 x SAMSON muck spreaders. Since 1998, a solid experience of more than 55.000 unloads.

Convinced after a demonstration

Located in Murist (Switzerland), company BOSSYBAT SA has started their spreading activity in 1998. After testing several spreaders with a front unloading system, Mr André BOVEY (dealer BOVEY AGRI) offered Joël BOSSY a SAMSON spreader demonstration.

The demonstration turned out very convincing. Joël BOSSY invested in a double vertical beater spreader: the SAMSON 908.

Joël BOSSY explains: "20 years ago, I was precursor with my first SAMSON spreader in Switzerland. Reliability and robustness of SAMSON spreaders are undeniable. In our country, farmers are mainly working with small tractors, with front loading equipment: the very low loading loading height and the impressive low empty weight of SAMSON spreaders are incredible benefits".

Buying of more SAMSON spreaders

Spreading activity increased as the Swiss agricultural sector was going through a rapid development. In 2000, BOSSYBAT SA buys a second SAMSON muck spreader, again a model 908.

Quickly, as the demand for more precise spreading of muck increases, BOSSYBAT SA invests in three new SAMSON spreaders: a SP 12 and two SP 15 muck spreaders.

An increasing quantity to spread, a specific demand for composts, lime and other high value products bring new investments at BOSSYBAT SA. AGRI DUBEY SA (current SAMSON dealer in Switzerland) sells the first FLEX 20 with 24 m spreading equipment. And more to come in the following years:

  • in 2010 : a 1st FLEX 16 spreader, with 24m spreading equipment
  • in 2011 : renewal of the two 908 by an SP 9 and S P11
  • in 2013 : a 2nd FLEX16 spreader, with 24 m spreading equipment
  • in 2014 : a FLEX 23 with 24 m spreading equipment replaces the FLEX 20
  • in 2016 : a 3rd FLEX 16 spreader, with 24 m spreading equipment

In 2018 the machine park of BOSSYBAT SA consists of 8 x SAMSON spreaders: "the spreading quality and ease to handle all types of products (cow or chicken muck, green waste composts, lime, muck in general) have always been key factors in my choice to invest in SAMSON spreaders" says Joël BOSSY, "if I add up all my investments in SAMSON spreaders, I’ve bought 15 spreaders over the past 20 years".

An impressive development: in 1998, the contractor BOSSYBAT SA managed 300 unloads/year, today, it is more than 5,000 unloads/year. During the last 20 years, that is more than 55,000 unloads done with his SAMSON spreaders!

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