Precise and gentle application

Precise and gentle application

in a variety of crop types with SAMSON TS

SAMSON TS - Prepared for the future

New methods of slurry application are currently becoming more prevalent, together with the desire to reduce emissions from environmentally harmful gases, such as nitrous oxide, methane and CO2.

Recent research shows that general tillage also causes emissions. New cultivation principles are therefore gaining ground – Conservation Agriculture, No Till and Strip Till are examples of this.

SAMSON’s latest injectors TS 8 and TS 12 are prepared for this future.

With a narrow injector disc that opens a groove for injecting slurry, nutrients can be allocated exactly where the plants can best absorb them, without breaking and working up the soil as with traditional injection.

When the plants are allocated nutrients in the root system, in the right volume and at the right time, the emission of environmentally harmful substances from the field is minimised.

The SAMSON TS injector can operate in almost all weather conditions and allocate precise amounts of the required nutrients in a variety of crop types and soil conditions, including in fields of growing crops , as well as in stubble and catch crop fields.

The injector is divided into 1-metre wide sections, each of which can be operated individually. Automatic section control avoids overlapping in wedges and headlands. Everything is prepared for automatic control systems with GPS and electronic application maps.

Well thought out design

Well thought out design

TS single disc injectors are designed for optimal utilisation of the slurry’s fertilization value in more crop types and soil conditions.

The injector is available in two widths, 8 or 12 metres, TS 8 and TS 12.

  • SAMSON TS can inject slurry in growing crops and perform gentle injection in stubble and catch crop fields with section control
  • Constructed in sections, which together with the depth adjustment ensure a uniform working depth
  • Disc pressure up to 175 kg per disc
  • The sections are 1 metre wide, and there are 8 or 12 individual disc sections respectively, each mounted on the main frame with a pivoting point. This gives the injector more flexibility when cornering as well as in hilly terrain.
  • Each section has four single discs requiring minimal maintenance and precise individual ADS (anti-drip stop) functionality, that minimises start/stop times, ensuring high application accuracy.
  • High quality, high strength construction materials
  • Low net weight of 2,650 kg for TS 8 and 3,400 kg for TS 12
  • Both models are equipped with the well-known SAMSON distributor, which is characterised by its high capacity and strong wear parts.

SAMSON TS in Action

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