SD II series

SD II is a further development of the well-known SD injector. With SD II, the injector is now lighter, the pressure point shifted and a number of other parameters improved.

The SD II injector has been developed specifically for the optimal injection of slurry using disc harrow techniques. So it is not just a disc harrow for soil tillage, which has been fitted with slurry equipment. 

Injection of slurry into stubble with much plant material on the surface, such as from maize or rape, challenges the construction and technique of the injector. SD II has been made to optimize the construction and functionality of a slurry injector for this type of work. The SD II injector is available in 5, 6 and 7 m widths.

The SD II injector also has the advantage that the slurry is placed directly into the soil and is not flung around with the other material. The injector can therefore work with relatively dry material and stays clean and dry. This minimizes problems with moisture penetrating into bearings and linkages, increasing the lifespan of the machinery.

SD II 500 SD II 600 SD II 700