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In the 2010s, thousands of muck spreaders and the extremely popular PG slurry tankers were manufactured and delivered worldwide.

In 2013, SAMSON AGRO launched the new PG II slurry tanker series. The basic mechanical technology was identical to that of the predecessor PG. However, more horsepower and optimized control systems were needed. The last PG slurry tanker was manufactured in 2016 and the PG series was completely replaced by the PG II series.

On August 1st, 2018 we celebrated our 75th anniversary. The anniversary was among other things celebrated together with customers and partners at the major trade fairs of the anniversary year - Agromek (DK), SIMA (FR) and AGRITECHNICA (DE).

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SAK, JOS and UM became part of Samson in 2000. The new company was named SAMSON AGRO A/S. Samson's previous red product color was replaced by the characteristic SAMSON green.

In 2005 the companies of the new SAMSON AGRO A/S moved together at a common location. A new 18,500 m2 factory in Viborg was put into operation. This combined the entire expertise and manufacturing of all machines under one roof.

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Samson was already a leader in the agricultural machinery market in the 1990s thanks to its muck spreaders, mud suction trucks, incorporators and drip hose booms. But there was potential for more. The Danish entrepreneur and landowner Ove Glerup recognized this. In 1999 he bought the majority of shares in Samson and shortly afterwards in SAK, JOS and UM.

The Danish slurry tanker and muck spreader production was thereby united in a strong, family-owned company.



In 1983 SAMSON was the first manufacturer in the world to launch a spreader with vertical beaters.

In the years leading up to 1983 muck was spread in just the width of the spreader. But with this innovative, yet quite simple, new product development, the capacity of the spreaders were considerably increased. The new vertical beaters could spread up to 8 m. 

Spreaders with vertical beaters, today called SP spreaders, are still the most widely used of our spreaders. Today a SP spreader can spread 4 to 70 tons per hectare, up to 12 m. Its main characteristic remains its ability to easily, precisely and effectively chop and spread an even layer of animal dung/muck on the field - which is crucial for the utilization of nutrients in dung by the plants.

SAMSON first spreader in the world with vertical beaters


In the 1970s, Samson supplied both muck spreaders and mud suction trucks to the now numerous contractors in Denmark.

At the end of the 1970s, the first unpressurized slurry tankers came onto the market.
The companies SAK, UM and JOS were important competitors at this early stage in the spreading of manure and manure. SAK, JOS and UM became part of the new SAMSON AGRO A / S in 1999.

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We launched our first tanker in 1964 with a capacity of 3 m3. The picture below is of one of our first slurry tankers (6 m3).
Up until today, our slurry tankers play a very central role in our product range as they have been developed intensively since the 1960s 

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Around 1955 the first muck spreader was manufactured. In the years to come more that 200 spreaders left the factory every year.
Customers were mainly farmers, but as the professional contractors grew in number and size, they soon became SAMSON’s primary customers. 

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Around 1948 the manufacturing of the first Samson-wagons began. 
One of our popular products in the late 40s and 50s was this 2 ton auto controlled wagon with planed boards. 

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On August 1, 1943, the 27-year-old Thorvald Pedersen (Th. Pedersen) took over a local village blacksmith and renamed it "Fabriken Samson" (The Samson Factory). 
The biblical character, Samson, known for his immense strength, inspired the company name.

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