SBX2 24 m (18-24) folded at 18 m


The SBX2 booms have ADS (Anti Drip System) as standard and are available as combi booms with 16-30 m working width.

With ADS, spilt manure on the road is history. The SBX2 booms have 2 distributors. The system is controlled with hydraulics and closes off the hoses completely, so that they do not drip during transport. Drip hose booms have a master/slave cylinder system which ensures that the boom folds in and out at the same time.

If used with the SlurryMaster 6000 it ensures automatic and intelligent control of all hydraulic functions when starting and stopping the spreading – the driver only has to activate one button.

The drip hose booms are fully galvanised and built with a trapezium suspension which ensures that the boom always follows the surface of the ground, even on hills. The boom is raised and lowered hydraulically, and when the boom is folded along the sides of the slurry tanker during transportation, it is inclined, so that the slurry runs back to the distributor and does not drip from the hoses.

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