SHB4 36 m (20-24-30-36) folded at 20 m

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SHB4 36 m (20, 24, 30, 36) folded at 20 m has been developed for the user who wants great flexibility, since the boom offers both working widths of 20, 24, 30 and 36 m.
In the transport position, the boom is folded at 20 m, and it can therefore be mounted on slurry tankers PG II 28, PG II 31 and PG II 35 with pump tower, SAP1 or SAP2.

The boom is mounted very closely to the rear of the slurry tanker, which optimises weight distribution and pressure on the drawbar eye of the tanker when the boom is in the working position.

The four slurry distributors reduce the length of the slurry hoses significantly. The feed hoses to the distributor are routed inside the boom construction. The slurry hoses are secured in the hose guides so they line up neatly in a row without buckling up and down. This ensures that the hoses empty more quickly and that they run completely empty.

The two large side wings are hinged at the bottom of the frame and controlled by a large hydraulic cylinder at the top. Quite uniquely, this means that the boom can be adjusted both above and below level in relation to the central frame. So you can adjust the boom at any time so the slurry hoses follow the terrain and remain in contact with the soil. The boom is fully integrated with SlurryMaster 8000.

The side wings are folded in two layers using a planetary gear driven by an oil motor. This provides fully controlled and optimised rotation of the pivot joint and minimises the need to lubricate moving parts. A new hydraulic system allows the oil motor to cut out upon impact to avoid damage to the boom.

The boom is less than 3.3 metres wide in the transport position – even on the very large slurry tankers with a 2.2 metre diameter tank – as the slurry hoses are located inside the boom and the boom is folded in only two layers for road transport.

SHB4 36 m boom brochure (pdf)

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