SHB4 30 m (18-24-27-28-30) folded at 18 m

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SHB4 30 m (18-24-27-28-30) folded at 18 m is designed for the user who wants great flexibility on the application width.

It can operate on one working width more than the SHB4 36 metre boom.

The wings on SHB4 30 m boom can be tilted to set an infinitely adjustable working width of 27 or 28 metres – in addition to the usual working widths of 18, 24 and 30 metres. 

The right and left wing of the SHB4 boom are controlled independently of each other both above and below level, which makes the boom very suitable for work in rough terrain. The boom is fully integrated with SlurryMaster 8000.

The boom can be mounted on PG II 25-35. 

All SHB4 booms are with ADS (Anti Drip System). During transport the hoses are rotated so they are pointing upwards to stop dripping from the slurry hoses. 

During transport, the hoses of the boom are folded in two layers along the slurry tanker and above the fenders, reducing the transport width.

SHB4 30 m brochure (pdf)

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