September 2017 - New 1:32 scale models from SAMSON AGRO

After experiencing increased demand for model machines, SAMSON AGRO is now launching two new sets of very high quality 1:32 scale models. Just like the company's real machines.

"SAMSON AGRO has been the market leader in machinery for the application of natural fertilizers for many years, and we have gradually experienced a great demand for model machines," says Torben Larsen, Sales Manager at SAMSON AGRO, stating this as the main reason that the Danish agricultural machine manufacturer has entered a partnership with the Italian company Ros to produce two new sets of model machines at a scale of 1:32.

He also sees the new model machines as an essential part of the SAMSON brand.

Two highly topical model sets
"We have therefore chosen two sets which meet the very different needs of our users," says Torben Larsen.

"A PG II 25 slurry tanker with the pump tower fitted with an SD 700 injector plate. The PG II 25 is a replacement for the PG 25 which, with more than 2,000 units sold over 16 years, was SAMSON's most popular slurry tanker. The PG II 25 replaced the PG 25 in 2016 and the success continues, so this particular model is the obvious choice as the first model machine to be produced."

"It is fitted with a pump tower, which is typically sold in the Scandinavian and North German markets where they have slurry stores above ground. The SD 700 is one of the most optimal working implements in the slurry injection market."

"The second set consists of a PG II 35 with an ejector (and pump tower) fitted with a 36 metre SHB4 drip hose boom. This set represents the largest SAMSON machines. And the ejector pump solution achieves more flexible filling solutions which are typically in demand in many of the other markets, because it allows suction from many other types of slurry stores – underground, lagoons, trucks, etc. Also if you choose the cheaper SAP arm solution," Torben Larsen points out.

Not a toy
The two new sets of model machines have been produced with a very high level of detail.

"The development engineers at SAMSON have helped to ensure that the models resemble the real tankers, and that no compromise has been made on the details," Torben Larsen emphasizes.

The models have also been produced by a company that makes the machines to a very high standard.

"It was a conscious choice on our part, since we would prefer to produce model machines that would be seen more as display models in a glass cabinet rather than model machines that can be used as children's toys.

A limited number have been sold
Initially, a limited number of the PG II 25 with the SD 700 were sold in the SAMSON webshop (

"Sales exceeded all expectations. They have already sold out. But we will have another quantity of this model set delivered from Ros before Agritechnica, and then we will put them out for sale again."

Next set launched at Agritechnica
The PG II 35 fitted with SAMSON's new 36 metre SHB4 drip hose boom is first scheduled to be launched this November at Agritechnica in Hanover.

"We will be selling this set and of course the PG II 25 with the SD 700 on the stand, so everyone is welcome to come along to meet us and see the new model machines in real life," says Torben Larsen.

"As we are presenting the new, full scale 36 metre drip hose boom to the German market for the first time at Agritechnica, it is only natural that we should also present the new set of model machines with the same boom at the show."