November 2017 - Preview launch of a brand new front fill system at Agritechnica

With a focus on efficiency, safety and design, the new Front Arm Pump (FAP) from SAMSON AGRO is setting a new standard for front fill systems

By developing this new FAP, SAMSON AGRO is adding a brand new type of machinery to its product range. The FAP is a front-mounted suction arm that is designed to fill the slurry tanker directly from a truck or tanker. Expectations of the new FAP are high, as high reliability and low maintenance costs are definitely in a class of their own when combined with the SAMSON ejector system.

Filling starts using a vacuum from the ejector on the tanker, which primes the reliable centrifugal pump on the front fill system. The centrifugal pump then continues the high capacity filling operation without using a vacuum.

The FAP system makes it easy to fill the slurry tanker directly from the transport tanker. Driving in headlands and crop damage are reduced significantly, as you drive directly to the transport tanker. The implement on the back of the slurry tanker can also remain in the working position, thereby increasing efficiency and minimising wear.

SlurryMaster 8000 offers perfect control for the FAP

The FAP can be operated very easily via the SlurryMaster 8000. A series of automatic functions protects the system against incorrect use and simplifies the driver's work. The centrifugal pump stops automatically when the tanker is full and the slide valve below the pump closes. A smart timer function can be activated so the arm lowers automatically into the transport position.

Unique design

The FAP system has been designed with driver comfort and safety in mind. The compact design makes the vehicle highly manoeuvrable. The fill arm is mounted on the right hand side to ensure that the driver has maximum visibility. The integrated lights are well protected and provide optimal lighting. The fully integrated storage compartment provides fast access to tools and other parts. Integrated mirrors and a camera system are offered as optional accessories. With a net weight of 980 kg, the FAP system is extremely stable. If more weight is required at the front of the tractor, weight plates can be fitted under the base. The FAP can be disassembled on integrated stabilizer feet without the use of tools.